Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Sunday was suppose to go out dinner with Angela. Farewell dinner. That woman is going UK once again for holiday. 3 mths this time -_-

Then her fickle minded-ness potong my steam then in the end we decided to postpone the dinner to 3 mths later.. Welcome home dinner haha..

So, I went over to Bird's Nest. Before that, bought fatty some super cute cupcakes from +Wondermilk DU on Sunday after church.

The Maxi Cupcake. RM17 for 4.

I bought 5 big cupcakes.

Pink and white ones are Lychee and Strawberry flavour respectively. I don't know which is which cause they all look so similiar.

one is Mint Chocolate flavour. Look nice taste damn good too [ i know cuz i ate this one haahhaaha].

The one with white and blue flower is Royal Vanilla.

And 4 mini cupcakes. RM5 for 4.

The minis taste the same.. just different colour jelly beans.

The box. Damn nice and cute.

And this maxi is Mashmallow Choc. See the size difference?

The place is same row as DAP Office and TM Point, behind Starbucks, Secret Recipe, Little Black Book Boutique.

They sell cookies as well. Some day please go there yumcha.. for a change *hint*. But that place open till 8pm only so I think the only time we can go is either during lunch or tea break. Unless you ppl dont mind having fats as breakfast haha..

I somehow prefer this one over Cupcake Chic at The Curve. Cupcake Chic look more fattening..

Same night, dinner was with fatty and his mum at 1u, Seoul Garden His dad went back to Penang to celebrate his mother's birthday.

It is some korean BBQ buffet thingy. RM35.88++ per person. and RM 3.88++ per person for free flow drinks, including soft drinks, ribena, ice lemon tea, coffee, tea and ice kacang and cheap-plak ice cream... sorry lah I'm spoilt with higher class ice cream and chocolate *GODIVA*...

how do you pronounce that word again? GO-DEE-VA or GOD-DIVA or GO-DIVE-VA or GOD-DIVE-VAH..

Food is better than BBQ Plaza.. I seriously hate that place! Anyhow I still prefer Seoul Korean BBQ at Bangsar. They serve really nice pork and they have all sorts of Korean appetizers. The thing I don't understand most is that, your business so good why zap-lap wan leh?!?!!!!

But the weirdest part about this Seoul Garden is that, you have to pay your bill first then only the waiter will bring you to an empty unoccupied table and set up the table for you. But their Kimchi Steamboat soup base is not bad lor..

Believe it or not. Above is actually a fish ball. HAHAHHA... cute right? Pardon the shadow. There were many ceiling lightings..


cheahwey said...

GUH (as in GIRL), DIE, VAH.

-Littlenicky- said...

yer why sound so.. weird wan lol u sure or not.. where u check wan?