Thursday, December 04, 2008

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I've been sleeping at very odd hours for the past 2 month. Hence, pimples on every inch of my subtle skin.

Bird: Wah what happened to your face? Pimple land ah?!?!
me: -_-
Me: SShhhh!! Acne kingdom!
bird: pimple land
me: acne kingdom!
bird: pimple land
me: acne kingdom.....

I've been calling him Acne Kingdom for couple of days edi hhahahaa...yes i know i'm mean

I dont want to think so much on the accounting paper anymore. I've told dad bout my performance and how I felt bout it. And surprisingly, he said nvm it's ok to retake.. NOT CAUSE I HAVE NO BRAIN OKAY.. but cause he said he'd expected me to retake a few papers since it's a professional qualification, just that never thought I'd fail even the first paper LOL...

I've just done making plans for my 2 weeks break.

11th Dec Thursday - Go OUG to see my white dress, if like then buy. Evening to Night time see Loverboy

12th dec Fri - No plan. Fatty last day exam. night time go church.

13 and 14th - No plan. Should be with Fatty. His mum said she plans to belanja me makan something special after our exam =)

15th Monday - Bangsar. Boutique hopping with sister. Dinner with friends?

16th - no plan. church at evening.

17th - Pavillion. Bring Justin to Fish Spa. See if can get Hwey to come along.

18th - Register at Sunway College then to Sunway Pyramid for shopping

19th - no plan. Church at evening

sat - no plan yet.

Sun - Church

22nd Monday - Garden's and MV shopping with sister. call ppl out yumcha after dinner

23rd - no plan. Church at evening

24th - persuade fatty to skip gym then jalan jalan at Pavillion, dinner at Jogoya

25th - Morning church xmas party. Then KLCC shopping with Brother. Night time dinner with father.

26th - No plan. Church at evening

27th Dec to 4th Jan dunno what to do yet...

I hate to go out on weekends.

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