Thursday, December 04, 2008

Daddy pls fork out another 1k pls, for me to retake the paper..

I think I screwed the financial accounting paper =S

Had not enough time to finish all the 50 MCQ questions. 5 more left so simply circle.. =(

I'm not greedy, get 50% just nice can pass can edi. Just include me in the 32% [world passing rate for this paper is 32%. Means out of 100 ppl who sat for the test, only 32 managed to PASS, not to mention getting an A]

The auntie who sat in front of me complain that the questions are tough. Well, indeed, it is tougher than the pass year questions I did before this.

Dad said this year is tougher because now is recession time so ACCA doesn't want so many ppl to pass exam, dont want so many accountants to be jobless so purposely set the paper harder and in a way they can earn money from us as well.


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