Friday, October 03, 2008

zack zack zack


as sharp as a spear,

or a sword;

as deadly as laser;

as vicious as needles;

as poisonous as venoms;
as swift as an arrow.

Am I that horrible? I mean, my tongue.. no i mean my words...
(no its not a poem but a question. A serious question. I hate poems though some are kinda, impressive)

Just had an argument. Dont worry I'm a generous person, I'll share I'll share.

We argued over.... MINIMIZING CABAL (an online game). (apparently it's not as plainly as minimizing a programme/window, but it's the attitude. So yeah Don't jump the gun I can explain slowly.. maybe later if you ask)

Ridiculous huh? Yeap I know.. so far this is the silliest cause.

NO wait I have another question to ask. Do you think I have very very high ego? Do you think I am arrogant, high minded, constantly think highly of myself? Or did I ever gave you this/these sort of impression in the past (maybe now too)??

There is something I don't like bout guys. When girls cut their hair, they'd say too masculine. When girls keep their hair long, they complain memafankan.. =.= When a girl is soft and gentle, they say she's weak and useless but when a girl is rather strong in personality they would complain she's too manly -__________-

What on earth do you ppl want?!?! Stop complaining bout girls because you are as complicated as we are... in fact, we girls are all very simple people, as simple as an amoeba that you, multi cells complicated people have had hard hard time handling us hence concluded that we're all complicated
(becuz you always think things can never be simple), and that make us girls as complicated as you are which is a huge major mistake since day one.

And hor, why ah.. I noticed lah, boyfriends like to call their girlfriend piggy/zhuzhu/xiaozhu/piii and etc... =.='''.. Do we, girls really look like a pig to you all? If we're pig, you're an ogre!!!


cheahwey said...

Ey, you think PMS causing SOME of your annoyance? I know I get REALLY angry and cranky a day before I get my period.

-Littlenicky- said...

oh no.. i am sure.. damn sure.. this time.. nothing to do with PMS.