Thursday, October 02, 2008


Went shopping today, just when I wanted to start my persuade-father-scheme (to pay for the pale yellow knitted sweater from MNG..)

dad: ah hah!!! I know you. You can't trick me anymore *smirk*
me: -___________________-

Anyhow, I bought 4 pillows and a bolster!!!! =) 50% discount damn happy!!!!

I noticed hor, old ladies nowadays are damn generous... in showing off cleavage... -_____-

You know those huge bulky belts?? I've just found many, many of them at home ^^

It was mum's. Dad kept them very nicely in the drawer.

AaaAAhhhHHHhh... now I remember. Mummy *heart* belts

If only I have the same liking, I'd be making good use of these vintage accessories... Too bad I'm not allowed to sell any of those (wakkaka imagine, me selling her super outdated Nina Ricci tote wakakaka... can buy many many more Esprit bags man!!! I'm such a horrible daughter lol).

Dad wants all her possessions left untouched unless told so in the will. I have a feeling that my old man would make one small area in the new home to display her belongings as well as his very own collection of hammer, screwdriver, screws and etc. =.=

My throat feels so sore..
feel so horrible...
I don't enjoy speaking...
My voice changed... now it sound very bimbotic =(

eh Hari Raya damn fun eh? No "wake up call" at 6am, "no dinner time alarm" at evening.. sleeping has never been so peaceful =)

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