Saturday, October 25, 2008

Power of book. WWooo

Weather: Just nice
Mood: not bad.

Dear Diary,

I've been a very good owl lately. Sleep at (latest) 7am, usually 5am.. wake up at 4-5 pm.. then do nothing and eat and watch tv till after 2am then study till feel like sleeping.

Night time is the best time to study. No one making noise. No distractions.

Surprisingly dad make no noise bout my abnormal sleeping hours. He said he just treat it as if I'm working at graveyard shift.

Yesterday went out for Bak Kut Teh supper at Old Town with boyfriend and Hamster.

Dad called, asking for my whereabout. I lied. I said I'm studying in friend's house in Puchong (Connie stays in Puchong). I don't want him to be angry and worry you see, it was 1am.

He sounded kinda pissed off, I'm expecting him to yell at me over the phone as usual. But he suddenly changed his tone of voice and speak damn softly summor asked if I'm hungry, if I have enough money and told me not to strain and stress myself and also not to come home too late.

WOW...the power of book. mmm....

I've downloaded some pass year questions from ACCA website, tried to do the Pilot Paper.. hell, it's damn tough! Out of 10 questions, I only managed to answer 4 questions correctly.

I have to brush certain knowledge aside and relearn them again because certain stuff in ACCA is totally different from what I've learned in the past.

And I have to know the differences between IAS 8 and IAS 10 and other law n etc... ZZZ

I need to work harder. Put in 200% effort!

McD's burger is seriously getting smaller and smaller. I am very not happy.

Sausage McMuffin with egg, has been shrinking from maybe 3.5 inch diameter to 3 inches. and the price went higher and higher...

Petrol price went down liao. Why cant prices of goods go down as well.

Greedy assholes!

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