Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nice Night

Weather: Perfect =)
Mood: Satisfied

Dear Diary,

Went KL for dinner buffet (finally!)

Thanks to aunt, one of us get to eat for free.

Justin grew a lot! He is now almost same height as me and and he's 50 kg and he's 9 years younger than me!!

Food is expectedly nice. Standard lah, hotel food. But I am very impressed at Justin - he is very good at finding food, for all we can see is only dessert and main course section but that fella knows where to get sushi and crepe and teppanyaki (which I did not realised at first)

*While getting food, Birdie accidentally banged dearest cousin*

Birdie: OH. Sorry *rub rub Justin's shoulder*
me: what? what happened?
Birdie: oh no lah I ter-banged him..
Justin: oh dont worry. It doesn't hurt at all.
Justin: I know you are big, but I am big too. That bang is nothing =)
Me: *giggle*


Thought of going to Kenki (i think) Fish Spa at Pavilion to pamper my feet after dinner but it was already 9pm.. a bit late edi so in the end decided to go next time. Justin looked a little disappointed though. I know he wants to spend more time with us.

Anyway, aunt paid the bill for us. She handed some cash to Justin and that kid refuses to take back. So, yeap, free nice yummy food =)

I love KLCC Parkson and Esprit =)

I think something is wrong with me. At KLCC, I saw many nice clothes and bags and shoes and etc. But somehow, I still prefer those from Esprit.

Sometimes i feel a bit peculiar, willingly let go nice stuff and choose to buy something that is more simple and less-branded. HHmmmm

The twins will be flying to the Land of the Rising Sun in just few hours. I am friendless for a month. But nvm lah, exam is near..

Damn I am blardy sleepy. Had weird dreams lately =S

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