Thursday, September 18, 2008


Went shopping at Bangsar just now with Lester and Hwey. So happy =)

Bought a dress for Roberta's wedding dinner... was rather reluctant at first as I thought I was a little too chubby for the dress, but I bought it anyway.


Hwey say It's too plain. Lester say looks nice with a belt. Angela say look nice with a necklace. Now I dunno what to do leh...

When I showed Birdie the dress, the first thing he asked is "wtf is this? U sure it's a dress ah? so small u so fat can fit meh?"


When I put on the dress to show him, he say I was too fat for the dress... can see my stomach T_T

I too thought of getting a hair do today. But it seems that Thomas & Guys SS2 sudah tutup, left only the saloon school. I don't want those amateur to touch my hair lor... Now I dunno have to go where to kaotim my broom like hair.

Tmr another shopping trip with Fattyboy... SHOES =) Gotta thanks Mrs Wong for the invitation man.. because of this saturday's dinner I get to shop so much, can claim back from father summor wan lor!!!

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