Monday, September 01, 2008

hush hushh

Hello... Helloo....long time no blog cuz nothing special. Saya din go Avril's concert Saya tak celebrate merdeka.. everything's very normal and usual..

I wore my new sweater to church yesterday and everybody loves it. Everyone said it's a very nice piece and it looks good on me and everyone is jealous... makes me damn happy ahhahaaa.....

I purposefully put on the same sweater again at night to show off to boyfriend. He did not say anything, only ask for the cost -.-

Reach home around 4am++. Poker and Monopoly in Alec's house.. Bernard aka my father (O_o) is the Monopoly-Donald-Trump... he pwned everyone in that game. Every player rather go to jail than passing his territory.

To tell the truth, I did not play any game. Was there sitting and watching and eating only. Watching the boys (most of the time was bf) bully Alec and playing game is fun enough edi haha.. Oh Oh.. I like Alec's toiletries. Damn cun

And yeah.. Birdie's mum bought me Baskin Robin ice cream. This time no more Rum and Raisin. She bought Strawberry Cheese Cake flavour instead. I love it!!!!

I'm rushing. Going out liao. But I'm damn sleepy. Tata


cheahwey said...

Alecc no need to work ah, play until 4am...

-Littlenicky- said...

got work at 9am.. haha i dunno how he survive lor haha