Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Long Night

I skipped my F3 Accounting class today cause I wasn't feeling motivated. So ended up at The Curve with a few old pals. Laundry tonight was not happening at all.

Remember I once blogged about the cute bar captain who gave me free complimentary pizza? Eversince I washed my small hands in golden bowl, I haven't stepped into Laundry's premises for about a year, and surprisingly, he remembers me!!

Anyway, I went Curve with cab from One Utama. The thing is, I took the cab at the new wing and there uses the coupon system (I paid RM6) . Out of curiosity, I asked the old uncle cabbie whether he earns more from the normal meter system or the coupon system.

uncle: I am very surprised you asked me this question my dear! *blah blah blah blah....* they charge 10% of what you have paid.

Uncle talk damn a lot and he nearly went wrong lane. *he's really very very old*

uncle: now uncle show you *press meter* you see ya, which one charge more. *blah blah blah...*

Somewhere at traffic light outside SMK BU4,

uncle: dear, you must be careful of your handbags... take good care of yourselves *blah blah blah*

Ngam ngam outside Royale Bintang Hotel, there's 2 malay ladies trying to get cab, uncle stopped by then decided to do their business.

me: erm, uncle you can drop me here.. then you can take the two passengers also loh!
uncle: Oh I will drop you right outside the main entrance. I insist.
*Malay Ladies came into the cab*
uncle: dun worry girls, uncle is a good cab driver. I am very honest wan!
me and the 2 malay ladies giggles..
uncle: it is my responsibility to take good care of you girls yea. Dont worry. Not every taxi driver is bad.
At The Curve's main entrance,
uncle: you see this my dear *pointing at the meter* this is the difference! you paid double *laugh*
me: Aiyah uncle nvm lah since you so honest and cute haha... let you earn more only lah!

It's hard to get a nice and honest cab in KL actually. Such good ethic had died long years ago..

Anyway I watched The Dark Knight. Both boyfriend and I thought the ending is a little weird. What happened to Joker? And I thought Batman is the hero, why is he disliked by the citizen of Gotham? 150 minutes is damn long. Personally I still prefer Ironman hahaa!!

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