Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Horrible last week of holiday

As usual, I woke up at 8am after 5 hours of sleep. Note: Afternoon nap would last about 8 hours, which is my "actual sleep" and I sleep at night - a.k.a my actual afternoon nap, for another 5 hours again) Dad dragged me out to get the road tax done.

It was almost lunch time and the post office is packed. After taking the "nombor giliran" there were about 60 more people in the queue before our turn. We actually had more than enough time to take another trip to DJ to pick up my sister from school, had out lunch, and waited for another 20 people. All in all, wasted almost 3 hours just to get a new sticker and RM600+

Lately's weather seriously can "be an assassin". In the morning I'm a well roasted piglet, in the night I'm a frozen pig. Bloody crazy!

I feel very touchy this week. Anything would agitate me, even an ant. Once I'm in bad mood I'd show my temper - It's unavoidable.. imagine PMS + Hot Hot day... Phiew!! Once I show my temper everyone else in the house wont feel good. Once everyone else don't feel good, the house lost its happy and joyful atmosphere - I need a get-a-way!!

And the bad temper thingy will somehow effect my PMS.. causing my womb to hurt and vagina sore like hell.. I don't know.. maybe bad temper caused it to bleed even more.. that is just my dumb fact-less hypothesis hahaha!!

Daddy is being a little paranoid. Even since the petrol hike, he's counting every single cents. Day and night lecture us not to spend money. I saw one very nice shirt from Esprit (SALE!), showed him then he lectured me for choosing such nice (and expensive it's about RM120 after discount) piece. He even scolded my sister for buying a fried chicken -___-

Maybe I should blame President Bush for the Iraq war hmph!! Because of you I couldn't buy that shirt...

College starting next week. Haih. I spent my 4 weeks holiday doing nothing other than snoring. Feel a bit wasted la but at least get to rest. I plan to get a part time job when my class starts since my lecturer say it's very very relaxing and the work is not hard.

Actually I plan to do quite a lot of stuff. Re-learning my violin and swimming and knitting and probably gym.. maybe once a while bake a bit. Summor I have class and work. Walao... no time no time!!! Have to plan everything properly.

Have you people read about Dawn Yang on Xiaxue? Yer.. I really thought she's an au naturale beauty... yer..

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