Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doctor Fishy

A day out with Lester and Hwey, to Fish Spa at Mid Valley. Choobs was suppose to join us but in the end he couldn't make it.

All I can say is, the fishes are damn cute and they make my feet feels somewhat softer than before eventhough I'm not quite sure whether it's psychology factor or due to 30 minutes of water soaking or maybe it's really the fishes' hard work lol

There are 5 different sizes of fishes. Biggest was about 3-5 inches, smallest was about 1cm?

Feeling during treatment? First, farking ticklish, after approximately 10 minutes, things starts to settle down and it feels like jacuzzi. I tried the small fishes only, cause there's a signage on the bi fishy pool that says not suitable for women and blah blah blah.... Big fishy looks scary though lol

RM38 for 30 minutes. But it was all worth it =) I'm definitely going back there again, for full body fish spa treatment and aromatic foot bath hehheee....

No pictures cause water reflect damn keng... even Hwey had hard time snapping nice photos with her DSLR..

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