Thursday, June 12, 2008

Lousy Malaysian Radio Station

Remember Aural Joint? I was one of the "Authorized dealer" for their first CD - Aural Joint Extended Play.

Due to some political issues, the band had to change a song named Fly to Away.

Apparently Fly.Fm has got no problem with playing the song at first but other stations like Hitz.Fm and xFresh.Fm refuse to play it because the name of the song is F-L-Y - it's as if they (most radio stations other than Fly.Fm) are promoting their competitor Fly.Fm -_____-

*I missed out quite a lot of main points...*

So now, peeps... kindly do your friend a favour, by calling Hitz.Fm (apparently the best radio station in Malaysia) everyday and every night and request for Aural Joint's "Away". Simply just tell the DJs that you're a fan of Aural Joint and you heard that they just got on radio, wanna request their single "Away"

Just 2 simple steps: Dial and talk.

More calls = more request = more plays = more popular

Oh yeah the phone number - 03-9543 8888 or 03-9543 3311
Each phone call is crucial =) Please support.

*90 degree bow* Thank You.


cheahwey said...

Must call ah? Cannot get airplays another way?

cheahwey said...

And I think "Away" lost its OOMPH with the change.

Why cannot, "A Reason to Live" or "I'll Fly"?... or "Life Without You Rocks"... AHahahahaha

The song's talking about how this dude realizes that he can live a free/fulfilling life without this other person ma...

-Littlenicky- said...

yes must call.

haha no more OOMPH haha. i told hamster that too lol