Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I really dont know what to do

I'm starting college on the 7th of July.

ACCA. *sigh* 20 days more.

Seriously I'm not quite sure if this is the thing I really want.. but since dad always promote ACCA.. and he's alright with the fees and all that, then ACCA lor...eventhough I know deep down I wanted to do CIMA. But then too bad, I don't know where other college (other than TARC) conduct CIMA.

But I'm going to Sunway only next year, for my Fundamental 2 (6 papers) and Professional papers (5 papers). Cause my previous so-called-college is now conducting ACCA Fundamental 1 only, and they charge wwaayyyy cheaper than Sunway *duh!*

Dad says, for Fundamental 1 (3 papers) Sunway is charging about RM4000 whereas the old-school-college is charging RM1500 only.

I've been looking through my blog archives, waliao.. I crap damn a lot wei!! I think I should delete all the nonsense lol.

Chea Hwey Guo Zhang and Pei Chuen, I'm blardy free now. Let's finish up Phrase 10 and start another new game HAHAHHAHAHAA....

p/s: holiday anybody? come lah come lah!!! sama sama pergi ma... saya masih holiday leh now dont waste...

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