Wednesday, April 09, 2008

yer why eat my food? =(

I had a veryyy late dinner today. Cause was helping Bird a little with his account (he got test tmr ma).

I have Sing Chao Mai (Singaporean Style Fried Bihun) in the fridge but Fattyboy insisted on buying me fresh tasty dinner as he feels bad for detaining me for so many hours.

We opted for pasta but the Pizzeria SS2 rather go home sleep also don't want to do my business. So in the end we went to PJ Old Town for some Bak Kut Teh.

Few pieces of meat and rice mana enough for my big size boyfriend? So, he tapao-ed Lin Yong Pao.

I'm buying pao.You want or not?

Nope. Dont want

You sure?

Yes. Dont want.

Don't make noise lah. I buy you one.


See. He's so dictating haha..Sometimes i feel as if I have no right to make choice/decision hahaha...

Happily Miss Nicole went home with a hot pao.

Left on the table, reserve for supper.

When I am finally done with what I'm supposed to do and to blog (the previous post), the pao left only HALF of its original size...

Daddy, thank you so much for walloping half of my love pao -_____-

Summor eat till damn yong sui that kind.... ish ish...

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