Tuesday, April 15, 2008

No head No tail

Today everything started well but was ruined by afternoon!! Mere 2 hours of joy....

I was at DU in the late morning to look out for some clothes.

Walked only 2 streets, and I tell you, I'm going back there again next time when I need clothes! It's cheap, and most importantly, got my size and not lala. But some quite ah lian looking lor..

I ended my shopping at Cat's Whiskers. They're having some season clearance i think, mostly 70% =)

Red knee length Dress. RM 59 Rm 17.70

Straight Cut Fitted Jeans rm79 RM 23.70

It's suppose to be greyish blue with a slight hint of silverish shade..

I tried to be like Hwey, taking photo considering the angle and lighting and etc... but then, still so normal wan???

For non-PJ-ian who isn't familiar with PJ area, just to let you know that places like Damansara Utama (DU), Damansara Jaya (DJ), SS2 and Section 14, are called fucked up area. Because it's very very hard to get a legal parking lot and it's VERY congested.

To get a legally approved parking lot, you'll have to go round and round and round the whole square over and over again for hours, if you're lucky then maybe in minutes. I tell you, it's worst than 1Utama parking during weekends.

Due to the insufficient parking space, drivers tend to double park! And people like me, my father is not Bill Gates, and petrol price keep rising like no body's business, plus a super hot weather...I cant afford to go round and round again always driving on first and second gear... so, I double park also lah!!

It's not really our fault ma. Blame MBPJ. Blame The Goverment. Blame the developer.

Just when I was thanking Heaven for the bargain, Hell decided to torment me.



VERY SAD LOR. So, I went 1U walk walk a bit, to chill and relax. Fattyboy ajaked me go over to his place, but i said no. =( Cause very bad mood lah. Scared later argue or whatever then dont want lah!

P/S: can complain to DAP or not?? I'm a good citizen lor okay. I double park because I have no choice ma. I follow speed meter while driving lor!

Summor if dad finds out, he'll slaughter me!!! After fetching my sister home, I went MBPJ immediately! That's like 3 hrs after I got the present from hell.

There's a Kaunter Rayuan beside Kaunter Bayaran. Knowing nothing, I went up straight to the Kaunter Rayuan without taking the nombor giliran and stood right in front of the Malay woman there.

M.L: Yeah?
Me: saya mau buat rayu *show saman*
M.L: *take saman, write something, pass to another woman beside her*
Another Malay Woman: *chop, chop, chop, sign*
M.L: Tigah Puluh.
Me: Tak boleh kurang lagi ar?
M.L: *stare*
Me: I kena hari ini bayar hari ini wor? Dan saya kali pertama wor....
M.L: Paling kurang tigah puluh 'mooi.
Me: owh. =(

SIGH. At least don't need to pay RM100!!!

Anyhow, after afternoon nap, don't feel anything edi =D

What more i have a very good and satisfying dinner.

Told fattyboy I want Taufu rice. He got me:-

Taufu with sauce and meat and broccoli, and fried tauge with salted fish. Dad left me some pear =)
forgive me for the newspaper. I'm used to laying newspapers on dining table cause don't like the table to be oily.

I'm very full now! Can hardly breathe.

Kay. Off to study edi. *wave wave*

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