Sunday, April 20, 2008

I'm 20 this year but my dad's treating me as if I'm still 2


So sad lah. Being over protected is not always good.

I think I've mentioned before, my dad's a modern old man with a conservative mind and tradition thinking.

I thank God that grandpa halau him to The Great Britain long years ago to further his studies, where in a way, he became a little more open minded. Otherwise, I think (now) he'll even want to choose who I should be mixing with and even my future husband.

I am TWENTY YEARS OLD this year, and I do not have my right to choose my own boyfriend. Everything must go through his laser eyes. He must know his parents, talk to the guy, more preferably, from same church and etc etc......What kind of theory is this?!?!?!

I think he's been suspecting me, having bf outside without his consent. He's been asking my sister questions after questions behind my back and luckily I'm being smart enough, not letting my sister know who is Birdie, whether he's my best friend or boyfriend or pet brother. She's currently hanging half way in the sky, guessing this and that, so when dad asked her, she couldn't give an appropriate answer.

For months, he kept telling me stories, how girls were cheated by guys, how girls lived their life after all the honeymoon season, and it's not easy to set up a family, how husband mouth mumbling say I love You, but on the other hand, start whacking and walloping the wife.

Day and night, morning and evening, he never fails to remind me not to be blinded by love; not to like one person based on his looks nor wealth and abcdefghijk.................

For goodness sake, I am too young to settle down, to tie knot lah!!! And even if I do have a bf, that doesn't mean I will abandon my old man and care not bout the family AT ALL right? And even if I do have one, which is a yes, doesn't mean I will be marrying him now right?!?!

And he's been worrying if I berkawan baik with non Christian friends I might stop going to church. If I'm befriending some other people from other churches, they might be cult.


Just if, mum was still here.. she'll sure bombard logics into his senses. SIGH

I've told Birdie this, he seems alright with it. But I somewhat feel bad, in a way. Sometimes there's once, when he saw my dad, he had to drive around to else where and hide. Z_Z

Most of the times when I wanna go out, I have to bring some books along to pretend as if I'm going out for group studies. And sometimes, studying sounds too lame so I told him I'm going out yumcha with Twins cause long time didn't see them edi. Damn kesian lor.

do things tao tao moh moh... I don't like lor!!!

Dear dad,

I don't want to lie anymore, neither do i want to hurt my boy. Will you help me be a nicer daughter for at least once? Don't leave me half way hanging in the air lah I'm not superman leh.. I cant fly....

Please lah. Reasonable a bit.... I'm no longer a small girl. God gave me a piece of brain to think and I surely know what I should give up and what I should pay attention and focus on more.

Tong yoong hah... at least when mum look at us from heaven, knowing we're happy and doing well, she'll feel joyful also lah!!!


cheahwey said...

Woi... after your dad black list us ah!

-Littlenicky- said...

wont wan lah... he sayang also lei ng chit lah lol