Monday, March 31, 2008


- Woke up late but luckily wasn't too late for class.

- Rushed as usual. I drove today, and i forgotten that I've finished up all my coins in my wallet on a jagung bakar at TTDI pasar malam on Sunday.

- Search high and low for coins in the car.. finally found RM0.90. Well... better than nothing.

- Prayed hard, so that wont get saman. (MPPJ officers in my college area damn rajin wan lor.. especially during 9am-12noon that period)

- After class, Principle called, wanting to see me. Gave me a (sweet and friendly and adultly dealt) warning -> my unsatisfactorily poor attendance.. Phiew...... I was hell worried k!!

- Thank God NO SAMAN receipt on my windscreen *jump high high*

- I'm invited to a Redang trip somewhere in June. Don't know wanna go or not leh. I'm damn fat edi lor...dare not wear swimsuit lah!!! But i've already planned to go either Bali or Koh Samui (Thailand) at the end of the year (have enuff time for me to kam fei =D) HOW......................................

- Oh! I think Fattyboy can't tahan my lemak anymore. He taught me some exercises to lose the fats around the waist region. LOL... I cant even do A proper sit-up!!! After 2-3 sit-ups, KO liao... How embarrassing!!

- I want more jagung bakar!! And fresh juicy yummy mango!!!

- Saturday = 200th days. Thought of going out but then, so ngam it's Mr Wong Senior's (his dad lah!) birthday. Means, kenot go out lo...=(

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