Sunday, March 02, 2008

No good sign

I'm tired. Very very tired.

Basically my body had not enough rest. Eyes are swollen and puffy. Dark circles are layering up. Eye lid feel very sore. Worst of all, pimples are popping out on every corner of my face. Terrible! All thanks to the smart Malaysian education system, and of course, gotta blame myself for not planning my days properly.

Moral assignments done but I have few more sets of accounting assignment to finish up. House chores are piling up and gosh... laundry!! Oh Mi Gosh...I have only 24 hours a day man. And I need clothes!!! Summor now got sale, no time and no money Z_Z

Starting as of, NOW I'll focus more on my studies. That is also the reason why i went out 14 days in the row with Mr Boyfriend, spending at least 10hours a day with him, hoping that it will ganti back the lack of temaning for the next 2-3 weeks. Note: lack of. Meaning, not gonna go out as often as usual.

I remember in last November, someone did his last minute studies for finals. Sucks. Really sucky. Summor in December gotta go back Penang with parent for X'mas fro about 5days... Lagi sucky!!

Anyway, yesterday and today, had dinner with "parents-in-law". Feels weird. Don't ask. Maybe cause its 3 wongs and 1 yong on dining table? haha Not forgetting to mention, "mummy-in-law" got me Rum and Raisin ice cream from Baskin Robins =) I think it's a pine.. not sure. But then that tub is at his place, not mine.. suppose share share with "m-i-l" ma....

And Hwey, My Big Guy bought me 2 Reese Buttercups. From Guardian; 3 bucks-- expensive! I'll give1 to you cause Big Guy opened one packet. Frankly speaking, it's pure fat. I don't really like it. Not saying I don't appreciate what he bought me...I just don't like the peanut butter taste. Taste fat. After one bite can feel my tummy bloat up another inch.

And yeah Twins, thanks for your laptop. And it's very heavy haha.

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