Friday, March 28, 2008

The hunt for Make ups

Oh My.. I thought i said wont be updating so often, somehow I'm typing on blogspot every single day leh!

I skipped college the whole entire week. And yes, there's exam, and i pontenged. But it was just an internal exam, no attendance taken summor..what more i have no time to study (all thanks to dad lah!)...

By the way, I'll be fasting tomorrow =) cause, I did not fast on my usual first Saturday of the month for few months liao... feeling a lil guilty also lor!*tap forehead left shoulder right shoulder imsorrygod* When i told dad regarding this (so that he wont buy me breakfast and lunch), he said with a very happy tone "Good Girl!" with few pads on my head =)) Makes me feel as if I'm in kindergarten than in college.

Did I mention I have graduation dinner next month? Yes I'm graduating... getting my double diploma in 2 months time *clap clap* This means, more spending, more unnecessary expenses. Firstly a nice dress that fits my stubby height and nice gorgeous pair of heels, maybe a clutch, and make up and hair. Gosh~~~~~ I seriously hate make over @_@

Since Cat's Whiskers *click* is having some season clearance or what-so-ever, dress is therefore settled. I'm going for a simple look *no need sui si lang wan lah... chapalang college and what more, my classmates all very simple wan.. no need so outstanding lah* Probably gonna buy the hair straightening + perming kit.

So, today went look for some make up products at 1Utama. I used to have a lot. Used to. Mascara boh-liao (as in no more), eyeliner also yee-lek, limited eye shadow choices, and glosses poh-chik!!

And no I am not going to buy from Lo'real or Revlon or Maybeline and etc at Watson or Guardian. Yes, it's cheap, colour looks not bad too... but then hor not lasting leh!! Every one or so that have to touch up - mafan sial. And I don't like Revlon's mascaras! They are cheap and smudges!!! Gives me damn a lot of trouble lor. Loreal double extention and SaSa's not bad.

Last time when I was working at Hilton PJ, I didn't understand why all my seniors are using expensive make up products, mostly from M.A.C. I thought they wanted to show off to the others and so forth lor... But later only i noticed, expensive make ups do better job. So basically, it's worth it!!

I love Dior =)

Dior Flower Blossom. I'm not quite sure what it does for the face but I guess it's a happy ending. RM169!!!

This damn syok wan lor. Smells good. Very moisturizing and after applying right, can feel your lips like plumped up a bit wan.. and quite lasting also!! RM82.

I love bronzers. Diorskin Poudre Shimmer. RM 142

If i were to buy all these 3 items, dad will surely confiscate my credit card!!! =S

And got summor:

1) Shu Uemura *click* has many many nice shades of eye shadows. Kepala Pusing lor...and everything's lesser than RM100!!
2) MAC *click* is the make-up-heaven. They have too many nice stuff for me to buy. I particularly love their falsies, colour eyeliners and FaFi Collections.
3) Red Earth is cheaper... love their concealers. Perfect coverage lor
4) Bodyshop is cheap also =)
5) Bobbi Brown is very realistic and practical.... suitable for both casual and occasion.
6) Benefit *click* has very very nice packaging leh teehee
7) Stila *click* punyer shade suits me a lot

Waliao... It's really a bomb to my wallet wei.....but if swipe card, month end dad might get heart attack lor *gasp*


Deng, the very eveel genius said...

We've got a straightener.. Lend you la.. Save money.. And perming right.. unless you want your curls real obvious, then perm.. if not just sleep overnight with your hair in a twisted bun. Kao tim!

-Littlenicky- said...

ho ho ho ho ho..... but i sleep very ganas wan wor.. later the bun came out how?

cheahwey said...

You where got ganas la.. move also dont move la.

Cathy said... liek hwey knows very ya true,,just sleep with a bun..gao dim