Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I was planning to go for a Brazilian Wax. Meaning removing all the pubes at your 'ahem' area.

I read some forums: some girls said it hurts like hell, some say not really, some recommend hard wax, and almost everyone says DO NOT DO IT YOURSELF cause it hurts like hell.

Price ranging from RM70-150 depending on package the salon offer.

You know what's worst? I heard people telling me, if you wax leg, it'll take bout 2-3 mths for the hair to grow back... but hack, from forums, it says have to do it every 3-4 weeks BECAUSE THE WAX ONLY LAST FOR ABOUT A MONTH!!!

*heart stop beating for few seconds*

Meaning every month 100bucks goes to the Beauty Salon!!!

And the most horrible thing is, most of the girls said, once u start waxing, U'll never wanna don't want to do it anymore cause it feels REAL CLEAN and COMFY being hairless...

Lagi terrible news. When hair grows. It itch!!! OMG... Imagine you're at public places, and suddenly *itch*, My goodness, I dont want to scratch that part lor!


Asked Hwey and Deng but they said No Thanks. =( First time lah. Virgin wax okay. Need someone I'm closed to, to go and do together lor...

But at least Hwey said she can teman me go salon wor haha. So i think now i can only hope Angela wont mind doing =D

Bird was saying, no need waste money lah. Come i shave for you hahaha....


Crazy pervert!!


_VeL_ said...

omg! i cant bliv u wanna wax 'there' lor..dai lou..haha.
go for permanent hair removal better lar..what for wanna wax leh? -.-

although im not sure which place have, but go find out lar..better than waxing, right?

*din expect ur fatty wil answer u likdat

-Littlenicky- said...

permanent? like what? laser ar?

I dont think anyone would want laser to shoot that part lor... *sweat!*

Shaving is a big no-no. what happened if accident then ter-cut then bleed? and i cant see there hahahaha...

* he was jk lah hahhaa

Cathy said...

LOL..bleed then wear pad lar..HAHAHA

-Littlenicky- said...


siokwah u dman smart lol..

pain wan lo.. kena cut by razor... summor that area..

cheahwey said...

"Shaving is a big no-no. what happened if accident then ter-cut then bleed? and i cant see there hahahaha..."

"LOL..bleed then wear pad lar..HAHAHA"

This conversation is so stupid but so damn funny!