Monday, January 14, 2008

There goes my surprise!

I didn't make it to meet up with HIM HE couldn't make it to meet up with me Yesterday night. He has house guest, couldn't walk away.

Anyway, I'm all overwhelmed with curiousity and asked bout my pressie on MSN.

I make it short and sweet, so... there:

Apparently, he planned to buy me the Gold Toga Dress from Eclipse. (hahahahaha. Seriously, I was happy sial).


He forgetten which design i wanted. (-___-)

Yeah. But. I dont blame him. Simply cause 1) there are few more dresses in gold colour 2) I shown him casually only 3) I did not hang that dress on my petite (and fat) body and pose pose.


Part of the conversation:-

i actually tot of taking quite some amount of cash n take u go buy wat u wanna buy wan ...cause Scared later buy wrong stuff waste money u dun wan or dun like

Buy what? i tot u BOUGHT?!?!

wanted to la ...but i couldnt remember, if, which was the one LOL


I tot take u go buy better la

what u intend to buy wor? first make it so mysterious and secretive. now tell me dunno wht to buy. ZZZ

no. 1st thought buy u dress then kau tim ...then....think think nvm la ..u better choose ..later choose wrong ..waste money ...

buy me a dress? lol...u know what i want meh?summor my size... not easy to get one that suit me wan u know...

tats y thought go take u buy urself. easier

ceh. make me happy for nothing



at least u get to pick ur own dress right or u dowan also can ..i go buy wat i planned to lo ..then if u dun like u go there ask them change size

yer dowan

or if possible change dress

i go pick myself. later u choose those make me look like old grandma ones <-.->

i thnk i have better taste then u lo


but then.... u know which dress to choose or not>

cuz i remember showing u one haha!

yeah i know but duno if cna remmeber.. tat one quite very expensive wan right





U think im what wor? Dad suppose buy me that lha... 600++ he'll KILL me!!

Why u prepared 600+ for me ar? haha can buy PSP wor...

6++ can buy PSP?

I tong 100+ more then kaotim lah hahahhahahah xD

And yeah.. luckily u think think think.... cause, that dress, I'm gonna wear it for only once or twice in my whole entire life... this kind of expenses should be in Dad's Account, not yours. Haha....
But Thank You =)

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