Tuesday, January 15, 2008


All thanks to stupid brother for bringing back dunno what what what virus back home and whole family was inflicted with disease.

Well, i suffer the most, As i was the last to be infected. Having flu, cough, fever and headache all at the same time is ssooo not cool!! At least, fever subsided this morning.

Daddy says this is because the virus, mutated. When brother first caught it, it was still a weak virus. When it hopped to daddy, it got stronger. When the stronger virus traveled to sister, it got even stronger. So, when it reaches me, it was already a very very strong mutated virus!


Jarrel Yong. Thank you very much!

Now I'm just waiting for the butterflies in my lungs to migrate to some other place... some other places as in.. somewhere else other than inside my body!!!

My throat is damn itchy! Very annoying.

I had enough of coughing my lungs out!

I love to breathe. I want my lungs to stay beautiful and healthy!!

Lungs. A VERY important organ.

No lungs. No oxygen.

No oxygen. No life.

how sad!!!

Dad forbid me to eat. He say must fast. Fasting is good for health =S

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