Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tagged.... Miss Cathy Chew (eh why not change ur name to munchy chew? sounds not bad to me.. hahahah)


1. Link the person that tagged you and list the rules

2. List 8 random facts about yourself and tag 8 people

3. Add a black&white photo of yourself

**as the matter of fact, i DO NOT have a b&w picture of myself. But i do have a sepia. counted?**

me: 8 random facts

1) I always had llllloooooonnnnngggggg shower. At least 30 mins.
*you ask, what u do in there? my answer, Well, on normal days i would wash hair 2times and clean my body with soap followed by shower gel. And sometimes i would scrub my body add all the above and sometimes after all the above i do DIY home spa. That why it took so long =)*

2) I have a weak heart! I get scared easily..

3) I love my violin.
but hey i havent been practicing for almost a month damn it all thanks to freaking final argh...

4) I'm not really a noise maker tho i (may) look like one XD

5) I love shoes. sneakers, sandals, heels, pumps, slip-ons and blablabla...
i LOVE FOOTWEAR and colourful socks =)

6) I dislike my sister's hamster (she name it hammyshan =S) cuz it stinks

7) I'm a lil worried bout Birdie lately

8) I love sleeping and walking around the house without bottom
(as in pants, shorts n blabalala, just panty alone teehee)

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Cathy said...

haha...Why la Munchy Chew?LOL..