Friday, November 02, 2007

Danielle's Birthday

Sister's 14th Birthday today.

Planned to make her salad. She likes my salad :D

Went The curve.. found no nice apples around.. she likes apples in it ma so gotta postpone.

Bought her a sweater as present since she always complain say church's very cold bla bla bla and always wear mine... But then went back home, claim back money from daddy haha YES I KNOW i'm damn chin-gak..

Not sure how's dad gonna celebrate with her...

I bought this for Bird:-

Davidoff Cool Water (Limited Edition)

RM 170.00 for 125ml. =) Previously was RM205.00.

Why didnt i buy the gift set? cheaper ma...

Because, i assume that he dont use deodorant stick. And if i buy set, i cant get 3 free miniature..

Spent a lot. Overall. This month, me pokai liao haha...


Everyone, Aural Joint's CD is OUT!!

Other than nice songs, the CD case function as a mirror as well =) can see my phone and fingers?

Guess what? I'm the lucky number one =)

Yeap. I'm the first to buy their CD.

5 Songs. RM10.

Support ur frens wei!!

Can buy through me also =D I'm helping Jun Han to sell...

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Click to Climax said...

Thank you for supporting Aural Joint!

I like that picture of our cd.