Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Last Legion

Me tell u, If u think this show is worth watching.



The trailer, and the beginning of the movie makes u think that it's a history based story. Well at certain point, true.

But then at the end, u find that King Arthur is actually Emperor Romulus' (if ur history very the chashui, i can tell u, Emperor Romulus is The Great Roman Empire's LAST emperor) descendant (which is SOOO NOT TRUE) whilst the old wise man in the show, later it's revealed that he's actually Merlin.

But one thing good, no kissing scene. Probably there was, just too short for me to remember. LOL

My advice: If you're like my father, kenot tahan distorted history shows, watch Brothers (canto) instead. not bad. at least got proper story line and kinda funny also =]

Im kinda bored right now.

Tuesday. Im very free on tuesday. After Violin Lesson at 2.15pm, i have nothing much to do. Birdie has class from 3.30 till 5pm. Usually I'll take a long nap.

I thought of changing my snowflake image. Then i ter-found this site:


U can actually create n design ur own snowflake here.


see i damn free. XD

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