Sunday, October 21, 2007

another random post

Lately, went out and came home earliest at 12am!! Usually i'm back by 2am.

Brother n sister was kinda happy.. cuz no one will halau them away and dominate the comp room for hours!!

Birdie's been feeding me very-fattening-food lately. Donuts. Pastries. Cheese cakes. Fast creams. OMG!!! i think im 50 kg now!! :S

Dunno what he's thinking also lor. They're only few posibilities:-

1) HOHOHO.. feed her fat fat then dump her!!!
2) i dun like other guys to look at my girlfriend... feed her fat fat, insecurities = zero
3) wah this looks tasty. Buy her some lah.. guess she'll love it =) i sayang her so much leh hehe...
4) i dun like too skinny or too thin girls.. must be fat a bit... so, feed her more fat-food!!

Hwey says, boyfriends nowadays like to fatten their girlfriends. I wonder why.

My fren, U (the boy) and J (the girl) have been together for 1 year plus and still going on strong =). One year plus ago J was 45-50 kgs. And in one year plus, she gained 10 kgs!!! All thanks to U, her boyfriend!!!! And U wanted her to be 60 kg!!! (btw she's average height)


I love everything Birdie bought me. They really taste good lor. Taste good not becuz he buy me those stuff. But they are really nice good food lor!!! But then kinda fattening wor... but then, i like wor.. but then.. fat wor... HOW HOW HOW!?!?!?!


Hwey said...

Don't misquote me lah.

I said, "Have you heard of boyfriends who like to fatten their girlfriends?"

-Littlenicky- said...

haha almost the same lah lol