Tuesday, September 11, 2007

You're blocked!!!

My sister added me n brother in her MSN..

Not that i didn't stop her but she somehow have my password, guess it was too easy haha.. so yeah i was ignorant of it until one fine day.. brother was mumbling bout the matter..

me *check msn list*


SHIT she added me too...

*click click click*

hoohoo.. now she has been blocked =)


YOU ASK: why wanna block her?

Well, because i dun like...

and why in the world do u want ur sis to be in your msn list???

Lately dunno what is wrong with me..

been very hyperactive...


can someone please help...=(

i heard alcohol helps but then hor.. I KENOT DRINK!!! WHAT MORE AT HOME WHEN DADDY'S AROUND...

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