Thursday, September 06, 2007


Stayed at home WHOLE DAY. Didnt go class as well cause feeling a little weak. =(

SO, i have this so-called-great-idea to ease bored and kill time...

Cut Own Hair :D Not literally whole head lah... just the fringe

The original length and style
eff. a lil technical error

F!! This is getting worst

5 mins later: myself a lala-mui's fringe

Another 5 mins later: Fcuk.. that's my standard one's fringe!!!!

Damn it!!

i lost this much of hair!!

This is what daddy always say: inviting problem. Tmr im going to the saloon!!!!

Anyway i was a lil keji.. haha the whole process took place in my brother's room, without him knowing. Because i dowan mess my room ;)

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