Wednesday, August 15, 2007


Finally, my violin lesson....teacher is bringing me a step higher. =)

YES. Now i know where is E sharp, F Sharp, B flat, and everything else. And i do pluckings too....

Well seriously, it's tough. Dont ask now. I tell you (if you wanna know how tough) when i see you next time. It's far worst than guitar seriously!!

So, now it's kinda hard to type cuz my left index and middle finger hurts... and it's very red. I think i need plaster. Dont worry not bleeding yet..and hope not later...

Btw, my teacher's name Aimee...and she plays (and teach also lah) Piano, Violin and guitar..

Aimee: Oh! you dont have any music book hor?!!
me: er... im suppose to buy book??
Aimee: yalah.. or else how u gonna see notes and play songs??
me: er.. can i draw out in comp then print out?? Mass production!! *i was thinking of the plain music sheets*
Aimee: *look at me blur blur* you gonna write ur own song n play??
me: no lah but we need those with lines ma no meh??
Aimee: yalah.. then what about the notes? U need to notes also ma.. unless u writing your own
Aimee: yalah
me: i thought u saying those plain music sheets..ceh!!
Aimee: oh.. haha.. nolah. We dont need to do theory now
Aimee: So, what song u want to play?
me: what kind of song am i suppose to play??
Aimee: It's up to you.. u can play pop, classical, nursery songs...and a lot more..
me: er.. nursery songs lah haha...
Aimee: u sure or not??
me: ya. sure...
*Oh me Gosh..what is wrong with my brain?!?!?!*

*Aimee went out take book*

So, now, i have 3 nursery ryhmes books to play. And to be completed in 2 weeks time!!!


I Never knew violin can be that loud untill brother told me one day. Apparently, the whole entire building can hear the violin...

Was practicing, at night... (dad wasnt around - he dun allow me play at night anymore)

I was a little inconsiderate also lah.. so... play play


someone from higher floor..

someone:*Sshouting* WOEI DDIAM LAH ORANG NAK TIDO LAH!!!



Next week, Perhentian trip, class canceled cuz music centre ngam ngam holiday break...

Oh Gosh. I'm overflowing with joy and excitement now.

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