Monday, July 16, 2007

New Experience

Wasn't feeling well. *cough cough*...

*sneeze sneeze* is now history, since this morning. -glad-

After church, went back home, sleep till 10pm.

Woke up, online, Lester my Taikoh asked to go out yumcha.

Went pick up Brian n Taikoh then yumcha at Sec 14.

Then Taikoh need to go back sleep cuz tmr started working in TMnet as Customer Service. LOL. I just couldn't imagine him speaking extra-ordinarily polite over the phone or in BM. Or imagining him being scolded yet gotta be nice..haha....


Brian wanted to meet Hamster so he brought me to recording studio in TTDI. It was a total new experience for me cuz i have only seen people done their song recording n all in TV . But this time i was there myself...

Hamster was there recording his ending part and guitar solo for their band - auraljoint, new song, fly. It was kinda nice.... Was there seeing they all taking few takes then sort of cut and paste a bit then do some surgery to the solo part especially and some final touch... kinda cool actually :D

So i guess their album will be out soon...depending on the progress la..summor have to record the vocal n do album's all these might take up a month or more i think... summor that recording guy say he is recording for some other bands as well...just hope that there wont be any pospone or delays lah..btw, the cd is only RM10, according to Brian.

SO HUMAN, support your friends wei!!!!

yumcha a while, went back home, edwin emo at me a lil cuz i erm....ditched him today haha.... Yalah i feel bad also k... :( sorry lah buddy!!!!

Second round bet with His Majesty starts Tomorrow-16/07/2007 morning at 7am. I Hope he'll lose again this time haha... then i can get another free meal haha..

suddenly i feel im not a very good friend u think so, too???

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