Monday, June 18, 2007

daddy's day!

It's father's day..
well, my dad dun really care bout all these stuff.. Everyday is father's day!

but i know. He is looking for new perfume.He's currently using the Body shop one and he love it.. so, just bought him another bodyshop sale ma.. only RM95 - perfume + shower gel.

Arber Eau De Parfum for Men + Hair and Body Shower Gel

He was happy. *nyek nyek.. and he gimme back the money. He say it's alright. And guess what?! He bought me facial products from Clinique in return...and it all cost RM300!

I used to buy from maybe loreal or johnson and johnson or some cheap-plak brand .. this is really the first time using expensive brand..

-The Soap-

-The Lotion-

-The Moisturiser-

and pimple gel...this small thing cost RM80!

I dunno.. i feel happy that dad spoilt me and i'm feeling a little guilty.. it's father's day and he's buying me stuff...

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