Thursday, February 08, 2007


Well, if not mistaken, this is my first year since high flower, no choc and no date on Valentine..

haha..sad case? haha.. in fact i'm glad that i am staying alone at home this time..

can watch TV..
can money..
and most importantly, no need answer daddy's questionaire..

but what surprises me was, couple days ago daddy just asked me where am i going on Valentine and with who...

me: no not going anywhere..staying at home. why ask?
dad: nothing la. ask only kenot ar?
me: no la but it's just as if u dont want to be at home lor.. i can go to ah yi's house wan wor...
dad: never mind just curious only...
me: curious for what?
dad: that u'r staying at home la..
me: y? this is my house and i kenot stay at home?
dad: did i say that?
mum: daddy wants to know who's his future son-in-law..
me: in law.. ask ur son la.. not me..
dad: not say things so early.. later sure got wan..
me: why u want me to get a bf izzit? if u want i can get one rite now??
bro: aiyo daddy.. we know u'r old la.. even if peng got bf doesn't mean it'll last wert..
me: woei! what do u mean? i'm a player la now?!?!
bro: i said nothing...
dad: u dun play play out there haa...i give u warning first.
me: cheh.. i do nothing oso.. if someone likes me what can i do rite? takan i tell them not to like me?
dad: at least tell ppl nicely.. don hurt ppl la
me: what is wrong with u today????
dad: -silence-
*mummy laughing all the way...

anyway. i've got a new hair cut.. a month ago hehee..sorry ya teing or hwey i think i once promised that i will not cut my hair unless it reaches armpit length.. or did i promise that only in my dream?? haha..

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