Thursday, February 15, 2007

Is that really important???

Yesterday, Valentine..

Friend asked: going where?
me: no where.. staying at home.
Friend: huh? are you sure? dun bluff la..
me: really la. bluff u got gold ar?
Friend: y so sad wan?
me: very sad meh? valentine only wert..
friend: it's a special day ma..
me: wat so special? i dun get wat so big deal lo... valentine..ish
friend: once a year ma..
me: well talking bout once a year, i think birthday and anniversarry would be more important lor.. valentine..anyday can be valentine la..
friend: but then still..once a year ma..
me: oh, then u want your sayang to only remembers u, to only give u flower and choc, take u out for movie only once a year ar?? sorry i wont want that..
friend: aiya then celebrate only ma..
me: well talking bout celebration, i would love to celebrate each day with my love ones... besides, flowers and choc sold on valentine's day is extra expensive. If i love him, i wouldn;t want him to waste his money on unneccessary stuff... wasting time only.
friend: wah why u liddat wan oh..
me: wat liddat? just being practical only. it's not important to me...

Valentine? i temaned my mother and spent her dinner haha...

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