Saturday, February 03, 2007



i miss ice skating soo much..
tat day was suppose an all girl outing but and but and but..
almost all the ppl ffk and left only sifu and i..
so we skate and skate and was ok la not many ppl..
luckily i'm good at roller blading once upon anytime haha
ice skating is not a problem to me but as for sifu.. she struggled to balance herself and dare not to go to the middle circle

however there's two guys help her out and taught her to skate and finally she is willing to leave the side bars... one of the two guys likes her and asked for her phone number but sifu is engaged..btw his name is DINO.. and he is quite big in size haha.. i calll him Dinosour at the back haah yes i know i am bad...

Dino: u kerja or masih belajar?
Sifu: dah kerja...banyak tahun dah..
Dino: kat mana?
Sifu PJ Hilton..
Dino: oh u keje hotel.. department mana?
Sifu: Housekeeping. Cuci tandas.
Dino: tipu..
Sifu: betul.. public area.
Dino: u umur berapa?
Sifu: saya dah masuk 27 tahun ni..
Dino tipu.. i tak caya.. u nampak muda takan 27... i kata u ni 22... (sifu looked young cz she small in size and she is really 27 this year)...
Sifu + me: *sweat...look at each other and smile only lor..
Sifu : i tak tipu! tak caya boleh tanya budak ni..
Dino looked at me, i smiled and nodded my head..
Dino : tak caya la i.. u orang dua pakat...
me: tak nak percaya sudah.. korang orang jujur.. tak tipu nye..
Dino: boleh i mintak nombo telepon?
Sifu: boleh..tapi telepon masuk air dah rosak.. belum beli yg baru..
Dino: takpe.. i nak number u je..
Sifu: tak guna jugak kan if i bagi u nombor but tak ada telepon...i bagi u number nicole then u call i thru dia nyer hp la...
me: *fulamak.. woman ni dman cun wei..

tat guy is in hotel industry oso. Bukit Tinggi Resort.. Paintball area...the price is damn expensive wei.. dun ask me how much. i have small brain dun remember anymore..

Since tat day..i kena kacau like hell.. becuz someone misses somebody loads and my credit dropped damn fast...

sometimes having a toy boy is kinda fun oso la.. but at times it may be quite irritating as well...

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