Wednesday, January 10, 2007


going for ice skating today..erm.. it's like right now haha
so so so excited haha
damn long liao since the last time i step into the Sunway Pyramid haha

At first there's only me and sifu. Then ajak-ed anis and lina and nanie. Then nanie ajak-ed geetha and maybe elaine will be coming along oso...

Aiya, saturday night, ladies night la. Everyone going ice bar at the curve. i want to go see see la. Never been these places before. Kinda scare oso la... as u know urs sincerely here good girl ma... ahem..

haiz.. forget it la. i'm working from5pm to 1am tat day... takan want me take mc. cuz geetha and elaine, my 2 big boss is going... argggg...

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