Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Training at Hilton - Day 1

Aihz.. lazy wanna wake up.
The KDU ppl called me and says i will have to report in Hilton PJ for a 3 days training. Be there at sharp 9 and go to the HR office.

K..i struggle n struggle till someone powerful in the house shouted at me n scolded me to get out of mt warm cozy bed. It rained last night and it was just a too very perfect morning to sleep. Aihz..

K..since i'm cold n lazy, so din bath..don even plan to brush my teeth but thinking of the training and wanted to give hilton ppl a good impression of me, gotta force myself to touch the frezzing cold water...

I couldn't make up my mind wat to wear. Yes. Girls are vain. Changed my clothing dunno how many times edi till mother got sooo fruz at me and choose me a set. haha...Formal. I reached there at sharp 9. Phiew.. tot the traffic jam will kill me but thank god that i made it just on time.

I tot i would be the last one to be there but surprisingly there are sommor ppl came later. waited and made frens of cuz, all guys only me one girl, the one n only chinese girl, the rest are either malay or indian guy. N i'm the youngest cuz all of them are 19 but me, hardly 18 yet.

Made frens la of cuz..cuz have to show them that i am outgoing la, like to meet ppl la, sporting la, frenly la n etc etc etc..One of ht eindian guy asked me, u dun smile how to do front desk???
MCB u la i dun smile..u tot i like u ar?? owiz smile for nothing.. ppl here a little nervous ma haiyo. I must control myself!! or else will laugh like dunno wat so poh liddat...

K then, Miss Jamie gave us a tour around Hilton. Appareantly, they have have a staff canteen, a rest room specially for staff and a computer room only for staff. This is the place where the staff can rest, sleep and relax themselves during their break time. There's a 40 inches LCD TV, with Astro and the comps ada internet punya haha..

Then we were brought to the housekeeping area and given uniform. Mine was dark blue with a little gold emboidery at the side of the collar. Surprizingly they have my size. know y?? cuz urs truly here is not the smallest. There are summor ppl smaller than me *chest puff up..

Then Miss Jamie gave us our respective nametag and a trainee tag and a locker key. The locker is kinda big..can put a lot of things. But before this i was told by the Security Manager not to keep anything attractive in the locker n not to trust in people here.

K then i was brought to the front office punya back office.. then meet up with the asst manager miss geetha, and she then told me to assist her in her paper works. The sales figure...very very easy wan la of cuz.. she then tells me to do the follwing things

-hair must tie bun

-face must make up. put lipstick n eye shadow, with little bit of blusher.

-wear black stocking

-go to housekeeeping area and ask them for a pair of black shoes.

I gotta stand by the counter for 8 damn hours. And the black shoe i got from the housekeeping dept, is damn hard with no padding inside the sole.. torturing.

Yea.. did i mention bout the free meals?? The Hotel is feeding me for free..5 star hotel food. Can eat as much as i like... breakfast, lunch, teabreak, dinner, supper..all no need pay. but of cuz, u dun expect them to give ya lotsa variety like wat they serve in their restorant.. not much of choices la, still can choose... =)


Y.B.T. Hwey said...

do you have to go back to hilton while you're in kdu ar?

40 inches... they must love you..

go take pic with your DO lar.. say for memory or something like that.. i wanna see!!

what do you by standing in reception wor? smile and say:"welcome to hilton" *sparkly eyes*??

Deng said...

sigh... i wonder why i never stick with Hospitality???

I always wanted to work in a hotel!!!!

And I like your nametag.. so cute...

nicoley said...


hwey: well ppl is bz..n staff in uniform are not allowed to used hp in how to take pics with DO?!?!

teing: hahaaa..last time ask u think properly before deciding diving into mass comm u dun listen to me hahaha

oh ya hwey. after 7 freaking weeks in kdu i wil have to go back to hilton for training for 7 week..its like industrial training. and after that, if hilton thinks i'm hood, i'll sign 1 year contract with them. Then after one year is up to me to continue working to study.