Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Days in college

i remember when i went to KDU enquiring Hotel Management course with the counsellor, he told me there's 4 modules and each modules has 5 subjects, excluding LAN subjects. Somehow, when i get my timetable, guess wat, i have only 2 subjects, thats english and reception technique =)

my timetable:

Monday: 9am-11am ; 12noon-2pm (HIAS English)
Tuesday: 2pm - 5 pm
Wednesday: 2 pm - 5 pm
Thursday: 9am -11am
Friday: 10 am -11am; 12noon - 1 pm

damn relax...

Lecturer: reception technique = Miss Ong
: HIAS English = Miss Leeann

My class, has only 12-15 pupils. with only 2 malay guys and 2 chinese girls. The rest all are malay girls. And i'm the one and only girl who DID NOT put anything dust or ink on my face.. just plain and simple.. =)

And ya, lecturer says, Every Monday and thursday will be formal day. Means we will have to wear former on that day. FORMAL. as in wearing only black and white.. must even wear court shoes, no heels or any crap shoes.

Ya one more thing..haha...not to boast myself la but thats wat really happened. In english class, Miss Leeann asked us to interview our frens and then introduce them in front of the class.

Somehow the people there, are all shy. and their english..typical maly english..and know what lecturer says?? i'm surprised that everyone of u can communicate well in english.

me: ?????

well, if they are good then i'm more than excellent lo..haha

first day, dun say la, sure no class wan. lecturer asked to intro this and that, ask this and that. second day, Miss Ong told us to take turn to read the text.. i a litle lucky, cuz when its my turn then she gave us 10 mins break then after break she read the text herself.

K back to student reading. One of the malay girl, dunno how to pronounce 'conceirge'. Fair enough. But the word, 'uniformed', guess whow she read it???

uninformed and uniformed..quite big diff huh??

well yea..i'm actioning here. well, in front of them, i can off show off a bit but my standard is just probably normal..

yea and one more thing. The english book. know what's the content??

he is a boy
i am a girl

he is an executive manager
she is a waitress

things where u have learned in probably, nursery or kindergarden or lower primary...


Deng said...

are you paying anything for this course???

I really envy you cuz you get to do this front desk shit... but i really, REALLY pity you for having to go for English class...

nicoley said...

no need to pay bt have to work for them only la..they tie me up for a year only lo..

envy me for other things pls..hah like get to see leng chai almost everyday lol...

Deng said...

ngam lar... if get to do front desk, automatically it's leng chai heaven lar..