Saturday, August 12, 2006


I tot 7 weeks of studies tak ada assignments and examination. But miss Ong decided to treat us like any other college student and wanted us to have the feel of stress n etc.


K. First assignment. role play ( directing the guest to certain places) and research on the hospitality law...

First one was really easy, well we've been doing that since primary. But the second one, Miss ong gave us some situationa nd asked us to go to library and find out the acts acts thingy and solve the problem..

My group member. One from sabah, another from Seremban. I have to read the metarials and explaine it in Malay to them. No need say of course the first one i do la..i kenot tahan weird 'grandma'..not saying mine very good la..

The seconf law assignment.sigh...they went to the library after class and crack their haed and answer all by themselves. Without relating the laws n all.. answers all based on wat they think its right. Wasai, if liddat, then miss ong ask us do research for fun meh?!!?!?!

Then the sabah girl commented, Dia (meaning me nicole yong ;) )punya otak sangat tajam! so i answer back.. tak ada la..saya punya otak bulat la...

Then stayed in library for not longer than 1 hour, then everyone cabut liao. Fine. Meaning i will have to do the work all by myself lo..
Then next day, presentation day. The Sabah was sick and left only the otw of us. Then i passed the scripts to the seremben girl and she started to show me dissatisfactory faces as she read through it.

Then she ask, kenapa tak ada itu tolong panggilkan taxi part?? then i answer back, yes ini olok-olok tapi pun kena ada logik. its KDU college to 1 Utama Shopping Centre, takan the college will help u to call cab rite?!?!? makan otak sikit k??

K then after that, Miss ong says there will be another role play. Same group member. *pengsan!!

i wanna change group member.. doing it with linda or syah or aznin or even yan yan will be great! (k.. they are the better classmates)


Deng said...

Man, I know how you feel!!!!!!

Y.B.T. Hwey said...

Ask Ms.Ong if you can change. Say you want to work with the others and not just with the same ppl. You want to broaden your circle and hone your social skills.

Serious u know... tell her that. You shouldnt be doing work alone. Especially when your classmates are weaker and they expect you to patch mistakes.

Students like this make lecturers happy.

nicoley said...

advices noted!