Tuesday, July 04, 2006


looking back at my previous posts...i realised one thing: IAMAFAILURE!!! Seriously..
i tell u why:

1) i wanna change my name yet i haven decide what n which to ganti the name "nicole"

2) i wanna make boss to fire me, but now sigh, i'm still stuck on this chair...n he treats me really good, which, makes me feel guilty to leave the company...seriouly, its hard to get a good boss.

3) i said i'm goin on diet..to burn my x-cess fats, but guess what i ate for lunch?? Mcd. latest spicy beef foldover. its meat!!! n oils!!! n carbohidrate!!! soft drinks!!!

4) i said, i'm gonna exercise. Yeah rite...i exercised at the table la...with my mouth munching n chewing non stop each day...i did like one day of sit ups only..for like erm.. 25 times only..

5)Yeah.. i quit breakfast n lunch for like 2 weeks but erm... i HAD MY REVENGE WHEN I'M BACK AT HOME AT 7PM!!!!!!

6) told n promised mum that i'll get my driving lisence by July, but...now, its ALREADY JULY!!! n i haven even finish my lessons...

7) i said i'll highlight my hair in may, but now..its JULY n i haven been to the saloon yet

I read ee may's blog..she's on diet too! and she did exercise, as taught by the Seventeen mag. Sigh. ee may can do it, and i cant!!! wat is this man!!!!

wat in the world is wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!

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