Thursday, July 13, 2006

Busy busy busy....

My days are packed lately. Very Very busy. Busy till i had to sacrifice my blogging time. can u imagine it?? last time, no matter how not free i am i'll still blog a little but now...sigh..

Had a couple of ideas wat to blog. Had the draft ready but i wasn't really satisfied with it. So, post it later..after amending it. One of them was about pimples, inspired by my dear angela. Haha..but now my brain a bit buntu liao..maybe too much work load kua...

Today was a little sien with chicken rice and malay rice...dunno wat to eat. passed by Mcd (cuz helped mum bank in money in Alliance Bank) then tot of the chicken recipe wor.. K lo. Buy lo. Change menu a bit lo.

It was nicer than the old wan. Less dry. More vege. More sidekicks i would say haha.. kinda worth it. Yea. i bought a large set. haha..tonight really have to exercise.

I dunno if boss realise that he gave me real lot of work. He tapao me fried sotong as he's coming back from lunch. And, he bought me chocolate from Vietnam Airport...Bitter choc, my fave. Coinsidentally, he loves bitter chocs too! hehee... wat a life...

Yea. come back to sotong. U kow "gong pou kai"??(some chinese cooking style chicken)..yea. instaed of kai he bought me sotong. i guess it would be called "gong pou yao yu" kua..haha

K K..gotta get back to work liao. got only 2 mins left. wait till they successfully publish this its time edi..


enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy enjoy


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