Monday, July 03, 2006

3/7/2006- the day where i suppose start college

This is KDU College-PJ Campus...
3/7/2006 is the day where i shud start college classes...

its kinda sad to me actually..
in the past, i'll walk pass the college area with a happy happy feeling within me.. each time i pass by there, i'll tell myself, i couldn't wait to get into the college life haha...

But now, sigh, i'll just gotta wait for another 3 months.
3 more months, frens all finishes their foundation year, going to uni
me?? just started my diploma course!
but the saddess thing is that, i gotta study together with kids!!!

K K..maybe i shud blame on dad for his frequent mind. Wanted to take up art but he dun let..Later want me take up engineering, later computering...and now he sorta changing his mind AGAIN n wanted me to study accounting and breaking is promise to let me continue with my hotel management.

Hhmmm, but i guess the very first person i should have blame is myself. Blame myself for not fight for wat i wanted, blame myself for not putting more efforts to get n choose wat i wanted to study. Blame myself for not planning it way ahead n depending on parents' decision.

Yeah, seriously, its my future n i'm the one whose studying, yes, parents are paying for the education fee, but sometimes doesn't mean that they are older and they know everything. U can ask dad bout computering stuff n i can bet with ya taht i DUNNO a single thing.

Sometimes,yes, i'm young, not exposed to the world doesn't mean i'm ignorant of things happening around..n its doesn't mean i'm amature or naive. PPL here keeping quiet doesn't mean i'm stupid.

Sometimes, u may see the course or subject as useless and a waste of time, but how would u know if I have the talent n way to make the impossible to possible??? Its just like World Cup, everyone is expecting brazil to tapao france but, u see wat had happen??? france won. U see the fenomenal??? The ball is round and anything can just happen!

Wat u think is best doesn't mean it is, wat u think is rubbish doesn't meanthey really are. think back, every single time ur ass give up the "neuclear bomb" n pao the toilet bowl, wat would u grab to clean up the mess on ur ass??? toilet tissues. Wat toilet tissues are made of?? waste paper?? wat r waste paper?? rubbish??? SEE...

Thats why. never judge. Now u may not see the good of it, but in long term, u may be regretting for not supporting me. Dun cry n say sorry to me at that time. Things u dun like n u kenot force others to dun like it as well n its doesnt mean wat u like must be useful. Sorry to say, u're too outdated!!! Now, watever can be useful.

but now, i dun care, I AM CONTINUE-ING WITH MY HOTEL MANAGEMENT COURSE. Chase me out of the house if u dun like cuz i just dun think i shud suffer n live my life in pain just because u think xxx is good. Waliao, if liddat, then next time when i grow up edi, u'll choose wat job n where i shud work, who i should marry n when i shud give birth n all.... sorry, i wanna have a little control over my life!

BTW, i taking accounts as well.
K K, i tell ya my plan k??haha
Since now i'm working, so i'll continue working, under my boss n mum
then i'll start studying..the diploma thingy
after diploma, i'll work..and at the same time, take up part time LCCI account
after sien with working edi lo, probably 1 year later i cont studying degree
after degree, i work again, n take part time ACCA account
sien with working edi lo, i upgrade myself n take masters in hotel management swiss..yup, i'm leaving u guys, but thats like YEARSSS later.
after tat, i'll work again. haha..yeah, by that time,should have lotsa wedding dinner waiting 4 me!!! kakakaaakaka


Deng said...

Good that you realize you are the one who is suppose to choose what you want to study.

BTW, if I didn't remember wrongly, some fella told me that LCCI & ACCA is like damn hard or something.

nicoley said...

yup yup. LCCI is not really that hard but ACCA. But now boss giving me "industrial trainings" haha.. so i guess there wont be any prob...