Tuesday, June 06, 2006


On sunday night, i slept early. very early...somewhere around 8pm
*ever since i could sleep properlt, i sleep at 9.30pm keke

then suddenly, i woke up, then feel like crying.. n i cried n cried n cried... for as long as 1 and half hours...

then i went back to sleep.

the next day, i told jenn yung..

me: yung, tell u something
yung: wat? u'r pregnant??
me: stop it la..ytd i sleep half way, then i cry n cry n cry..then went back to sleep..
yung: ...
yung: crazy!
yung: y u think of him again?
me:hhmmm, i dun remember having any dreams lo..
yung:... madness
me: it lasted for an hour.. n 30 mins
yung: then
me: i went back to sleep la

seriously, wat had happened to me???

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worm said...

you're just missing me.