Monday, June 05, 2006

Aquaria KLCC

One of these days, where my boss is in REAL GREAT MOOD..
dunno y, but its surely a good news to me!

As usual, i helped out in reading his comtest forms n all
then he call me in out of the blue

oh shit... did i do anything wrong again?

i was seriously scare at that point of time.. for some unknown reasons

well, i went into his room, n there, with him was his good lady fren,

me: yes boss...

boss: ya, i need u to help me to sort out all these receipts
*passing me one big stake of files, containing nothing but receipts

Boss: can?

me: yar..sure...

boss: ah. wait.. got summor..
*dig dig from his bag, take out another bunch of receipts
*dig his wallet..

boss: there u go..

me: k

boss: nicole, wait, one more thing

me: summor?

boss: no. no more receipts. Help me to call Shangri - La Putrajaya n make an appointment fot 2 person. buffet lunch. I have got this voucher, suppose to be free. Call n ask them if its really free. n pls make sure its free. ABSOLUTELY FREE.

me, heading towards door.

boss: ah wait.
boss: there i have this.
*passing me two tickets

i took a good look at it, wow its two free entry ticket to AQUARIA!!
*damn happy

me: thank you bosss!!!

i place down all the stuff n start reading the wordings printed on it.

guess wat i saw....

Waliao boss ah boss..

u damn good in hiding un-wanted-to-be-seen words le...

haiz..damn disappointed!

have no choice but to give it to cousin..

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