Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I wanna change my name

*my name is nicole..
*i used to dislike that name
*i tot it was unfeminine
*but later n somehow.. i LOVE it!!
*and i'm very proud of it...
* then one day... as usual, i was on my way to mum office in Damansara Jaya, i heard some one yielded at me quite a distance away...

...: NICOLE!!!!

...: GIRL, u better wake up NOW!!

i tot to my self: wtf she want?? am i not standing?? wake wat up... dumb shit

then, as i turn my head around, guess wat i saw...

a mid aged lady, walking her female chihuahua along the pathway. The dog, somehow n i dunno y, was lying, toasting n turning around on of the grassed spot...

me, whispering to myself: %@#*^%$^

me: wtf..of all the names..why mine???

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