Friday, April 22, 2011

Hao jiu bu jian

Last weekend I went KLCC find my cousin Justin.

FML max i tell u!

Friday I went down cause he called me out. I was initially a lil lazy to layan him but he was with another cousin and really super long didnt see him so okay lah I sacrificed my sleep and drove all the way down to KL.

Driving to the city centre on a Friday afternoon is suicidal! For unknown reason(s), KLCC closed their carpark. The guards claimed it is full but I tell you the mall isn't that pack with people. You cannot say that oh there got many offices and stuff cause they have reserved parking for those working in that building.

So everyone was diverted elsewhere. The entire area was super jam. It took me one long hour just to circle around the twin towers. I wanted to park at Mandarin Oriental but was told that the car park's full as well -__- So I went parked at Avenue K which costs me RM10

Since I'm the oldest there I thought ok lah I spend the boys lunch lo. Besides, how much can a lunch cost? They wanted to eat at food court which not ngam my appetite I told them to eat something nicer but not too expensive and Justin recommended me a place facing the park.

He's only 14. I thought ok lo ur not very expensive should be not very expensive. Manatau sit down open menu already only know his not so expensive is my monthly expensive nice food. The lunch costs me RM110 ok of which he said not filling.

Nvm bout the money. But I tell you getting him to keep quiet (sadly only that 15mins when he's chewing his food) is the moment i treasure the most! Because he either calls me short, tiny, genetic problem, midget, steroid girl or non stop talking bout penises.

I'm not going out with him anymore.

Saturday I went down with my siblings. Met his stepfather for the very first time.

The angmoh is TALLLLLL. 6 feet plus and my aunt is shorter than me so she's like a dwarf when they walk together!! Anyway he's a funny person. We talked and, well, I told him that I wanted to break up with Bird every month. And he said the next month before I tell Bird to break up, call him. He can pretend to be my new bf. =D But must call him and make sure he's around because he travels alot.

I hv pictures of Justin's room in my phone but I cant upload them cause no cable no bluetooth.

He has a 48 inch flat screen TV connected to a PS3. MAC desktop. Ipad. Ipod Touch and he uses an Iphone. Open up the curtain is KLCC park view and Maxis tower's digital clock. His bathroom is hotel like - marble counter, huge mirror, rain shower with hot and cold water taps.

If only I have an angmoh father ...

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