Friday, December 10, 2010

2 papers down

Wah, much relieved.

I hope I wont fail finance again. It's my favourite subject who would have failed their favourite subject 2 times one?! This time I wrote as much as I could and attempted every single questions, no blanks left! Dont know how to answer also simply answer. Die die lar, not like never died before right!

Came home, fall flat on the bed! Slept with BB Cream and eyeliner etc.. didnt want to wake up but had to wash my face so bah!

You know my dark circles are sooooo terrible that I had to cover it with 3 layers of concealers top it up with 2 layers of BB cream and it is then still kinda visible.. so i had to darken my eyes with eyeliner. So if you so happen see anyone wearing super simple but with outrageous make up that's probably me

Haven buy dress for aunt's wedding T___T

I cant seem to find anything nice online and offline. There are nice dresses out there but its either rather casual or rather elegant. I want something a fun and flirty yet not clubbing looking looking dress. Maybe something light pink or lavender, tutu with studs. LOL

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