Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Does you has plans?

When Bird's sister was still around, she asked me what are my plans and stuff, you know those ice breaking questions. And I stupidly told her bout the Canadian internship. I actually wanted to go South Africa hehehe!

I said stupidly because, I've never once ever in my life would have thought she'll ask me bout it every 2 weeks or so. Frankly speaking, it's a very attractive offer and I have considered accepting it. However, there are so much more that I want to do and so many more things to take care of I could not just leave.

All I can say is, my life is here.

His mum and sister has been talking bit by bit here and there randomly occasionally encouraging me to call in to make appointment for second interview. I was really reluctant to because apart from "yes it's a great offer" I cant think of any other reason why I have to leave my loves. I feel their point of view are a little biased, probably cause the mother didn't have the opportunity to study oversea? Probably cause the mother is proud that she can afford to send the daughter over to Canada and the sister is also proud that she is living in a better country? Most what I think is most possible reason is that the mother and sister hope if I were to go Bird would go over to study in Canada.

Well, everyone has been commenting on how good and important the experiences are blablabla. Get yourself exposed la la la. Exposed to what? Especially Bird's mum. She's been talking on and on about how she as an interviewer/employer assess the candidates and the plus point she gave is whether the candidate has oversea education experience. I feel it's unfair and somehow Bird and I have the same view.

Not being a sour grape or what, yes studying overseas is good, overseas educations encourage students to speak up and screw spoon feeding!! But as a student, you live in the campus day and night studying and when you have time you'll be cleaning your house or room and buying grocery or clothing and everything else you need. It's basically a process of leaving your comfort zone and learning how to manage yourself.

I'm already doing it right now, and more - I'm taking care of the family as well.

And well yes, probably you'd get to travel around and also get to meet people from different continents. It sounds more like socializing to me, which is not my cup of tea. And if is what you meant, well, studying in Sabah or Johor is pretty much the same. You're still dealing with new environment and people (just that these people are ah bengs and kampung kia).

There may (actually definitely) be more and I'm not being short sighted or whatsoever, I just cannot see how are these expenses and so called experiences gonna help me to build my career. I am saying my case here.

If you choose to go oversea to learn to be independent and you're living a life of a princess here then fine. But me, I'm independent enough already, to be more independent I want to go somewhere where I see much lesser Malaysian a place where I really have to start from scratch, from making new friends to adapting to new environment.. which is also why I wanted South Africa. There's a bloody big community of Malaysian in Australia, UK and US it's too homely. I dont want this. I am searching for real challenge.

One thing you must know is that the internship may not offer me the position or field of work I want. I dont want to spend ONE YEAR LONG in oversea doing something that I do not think is beneficial. It is something like the working holiday thing Hui Han is doing right now, except, a bit more relevant.

About studying ACCA in UK. My point is it's a total waste of money! Doing it here in my very own comfort zone is tiring enough, do you think going to UK I will have the time to actually explore and "get experience" or even to socialize? What more going for only a short period of 6 mths, what experience is that? In the end the certificate we get will all be THE SAME and not to mention UK is now in recession the British are not going to hire foreigners (unless you're super lucky or you offer to sleep with the interviewer) so why waste the time and money?

Who would know what's good for future? No one! Life is FULL of uncertainties. Like Angela, she did Mass Comm but now she's doing nothing or something else (eh what you doing now?). And myself, after graduating from high school accounting was at the very bottom of my preferred course list then I took up Hospitality. Who would expect that I did not like the working environment/culture and changed to the least like course?

Good or bad it's not up to us to comment. Like I said above, unfair! The candidate may came back from xxx country but that doesn't guarantee that he/she possesses the required skill or ability to handle work or maybe has really terrible working attitude? Look at Chea Teing, came back from Australia and went through how many nos up till now finally a yes. She is hard working and has good attitude which all these Mr/Miss No interviewer could not assess.
Actually this paragraph is dedicated to his mother lah! LOL

My point is, it all depends on the person himself! What if a boy who has got charisma good attitude and all the positive energy every employer is seeking, but from a less fortunate family.. these biased opinion would truly be unfair for him. Right?

And only God knows what you were doing there in the white's place. From FB itself I see alot partying pictures etc.. I dont know how is this beneficial. Exposed to different clubbing lightings perhaps?

And everyone is leaving this country. I dont like it here either but if everyone gives up hope then how is the country going to grow?

The word "experience" is so full of subjectivity creamed with biased opinions. I dont want to just flow with the trend. This is not fashion. And this is the opportunity and privilege that I will turn down.

What's important for me now is to spend time with all of my loves, travel around with my brother to Korea Japan and Taiwan.. explore islands and improvise my baking skills which at the moment is zero.

And for me, if every now I have ONE important thing to do and i did it, and as time passes I will notice that I have done so many useful and important things for myself and others. Just like if every moment I live happily then as I look back I'll realise that I have live my life to the fullest. This is achievement. This is what I call a meaningful life.



_VeL_ said...

Sometimes those elderly comments are little biased, no doubts. I also don't understand, going overseas for studies then come back, that fella will smell different wan meh.. Don't understand why they're looked differently compared to those studying locally. But I think not every overseas students also have the same opportunity. So yeah lo.. If you think staying locally can still do the same, why want to waste the money and time go overseas and sacrifice those moments with your love ones?

I would choose to stay if I could. God knows what's happening in M'sia now. So depends how you see it. We used to think like you, but somehow we've given it up. Try our best to live the way we want is even better. =)

Anyway, good luck into your future searching and do what you think is right la. Don't need to care about what others think.

Deng said...

Well, for the benefit of the doubt in reference to employers, 浸过咸水海的人 can generally can be categorised as having international exposure, as in dealing with international business partners/clients. Local and overseas businesses got their differences ma.

And these graduates are supposedly more eloquent, because overseas, they teach you to speak whereas here they teach you to shut up and memorise.

But other than that, you're right. It depends on the graduates on what they make of their uni years. Like me, I stayed in a lot, studied, bummed, didn't meet many people. Partly wasted years.

Then there are those who are doing good overseas, like shermayne and amy. Exactly what the employers are looking for lo.

So ya lo. Haha. I don't even know how I got to saying all that. I wanted to say thank you for recognising my work ethics. X) <3