Thursday, April 08, 2010

Girls do the darnest things!

I tell you I am a brilliant girlfriend! Teehee

I am really angry at this stupid Bird I tell you. Now not only he smokes regularly, he even does it in HIS VERY OWN BATHROOM!!!

So ytd, after his shower, that smart fella conveniently placed his cigarette and lighter on his study table. I assume that he assume I gave up on asking to stop smoking etc. So there it was, cigarette and lighter on table.

I went in to his room to take some stuff back to his sister's room and there.. saw cigarette and lighter. He was playing either FB-poker or WOW when I took his precious babies away. Ho ho ho he didnt notice anything! Guess he was too into the game..

I had no where to hide so the only place i could think of is my handbag. Cigarette and lighter spent the night in my handbag

This afternoon he was searching high and low for his babies.. he did suspect me but my acting skill was just too good that he later concentrated his suspect on his mother. The truth is I was the culprit =D

What I do to the cigarettes and lighter? Throw away? Of course not! Cigarettes are expensive!

I was chilling at Zen Cafe by Secret Recipe at Pyramid.. and the servers were nice. So .. after getting back my change I wrote a note on the napkin saying "thank you =) this is your tips." then I place the box of cigarette and lighter on the black bill holder with the napkin on it..

Aren't you proud of me? hehe...

I could taken a nice picture but my phone ran out of battery that time so.. imagine yourself =)

Goodie nightie!!


cheahwey said...

dude, that could possibly be one of the stupidest things you could've done at that time wei.
1. your waiter may not be a smoker
2. it makes you look cheap and it's insulting. fo' realz. instead of money, which we all need, you left him cigarettes? it's like polishing off a drumstick and leaving the bone for him.

-Littlenicky- said...

1) I tot of tat and i actually drew an arrow from the word "your" then wrote "you and kawan kawan" with an orange pen. Others was written using purple pen.

I wanted to ask if he wants the Mild Seven but I was not really in a talking mood.

2) Well, I dont care what they think of me ..i dont go pyramid often. I just dont feel its right to throw it away cause it's really expensive!

And if you have any close smoker friend, you'd know how valuable is each stick of cigarette (to a smoker).. To us it's trash, but not them.

I just dont want my bf to smoke that much.. I dont care bout others..