Monday, December 07, 2009

Battle day

Gotta face the Tax paper in lets count.. now is 6.35am.. 7.35 8.35 9.35 10.35 11.35 12.35 13.34 14.35 3pm..

that's like, 7 hours plus?

To tell the truth I feel a bit numb, as in, I dont know what am I feeling right now. Sigh. The weirdest part is, I know for sure that I am not nervous or worry or scared.. How can I be so chilling ah?!

And I have not covered all the syllabus. If the exam questions test on Partnership, Tax admin and Tax planning, confirm 35 marks vanished in air! Not to mention my Sales and Service Tax (which came out every semester) is not strong, and also witholding tax and I always make silly calculation mistakes when calculating capital allowances.

Shit. I forgot to read Agriculture Allowance!!! =S

It's 6.39am now and I am still in Bird's house. I couldn't sleep at all. I think later when his mum gets up will definitely scold me and force me to sleep..

Yes, in another word. I am staying in his house today. First time in my life wei. I've never stayed overnight in anyone's home before. Really. Other than my grandmother's and aunt's place lah!

Thinking back hor, I shouldn't feel guilty because I did my work. I studied, though did not force myself to put in more effort and moving on quite slowly. I had enough sleep, i covered 70% of syllabus of each subject. Not that bad ma!

Hey now I remember, I overnight in Joyce's house before! haha!! That time was somewhere in erm, standard 2 or 3, and once a while I wet my bed *blush* so my parents were really really worried bout me wetting her bed, they went over to Joyce's house the next day at 8am!

All I could remember was, it was christmas eve, Joyce's birthday and somehow everyone keep asking me to stay over, including her sister (haha I so lovable!!!) Parent went to some wedding i think? Then her mum just drop a voice mail to my mum's HP then switched off her phone LOL. Wedding ended late so i guess my parent have had no choice but to sleep with worries?

I miss those little kids times =(

Few hours before exam and I watch Step Brother at 3 plus am with the boyfriend. Not to mention I spent 30 mins coooking maggi mee for him plus a little massage (I dont know whether I am the one having exam now or him -_-). Am I the coolest person or what?! Or alien?! T___T

OH. I cannot remember residence status now. T_T

Maybe I should try to sleep. Or just.. rest my brain, or just close my eyes....

But I feel hungry..

Oh no. His mum's up!! =(

OH yea. She freaked out LOL.

I forgot to bring my toothbrush T____T

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